Do you need a website? Or maybe an online shop?

You are in the right place! I am an experienced web-developer and I can craft quality websites, with modern design, that follow the client’s vision. For a personalized offer, please contact me.
Mircea Burdușa

Mircea Burdușa

Web Developer

I am an economist passionate about WordPress and entrepreneurship. Frankly, there is more than that. However, just as on a website the visitor only sees the interface, I chose to present only those aspects relevant to a future collaboration and not talk about all those “lines of code” that make up my personality.

If you want to collaborate, I assure you that I dedicate myself 100% to the projects I work on and that I use all my knowledge and experience to offer my clients the best possible results.

What you get if you decide to collaborate with me


I work in this field for over 5 years and I made tens of websites


I always respect deadlines and I respond quickly to requests


I am always studying the news in this field and try innovative ways to apply them so that my clients have the most up-to-date options


I identify and effectively solve problems that may arise during or after a project’s completion.


Check out my Portfolio

I had the opportunity to work on many exciting projects, to develop diverse sites that tested my knowledge and helped me perfect. Here you can see a varied selection of my portfolio that includes both presentation sites as well as online stores or news sites.

Stuff I’m Good At

E-Shops Development

-WordPress & WooCommerce -

E-Shop Development

A successful online business needs a versatile store with multiple options for visitors. To build an online store, I use WooCommerce, the most customizable platform that allows me to personalize each project, according to customer requests.

Website Development

- WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript -

Website Development

For creating websites I mainly use WordPress, but also HTML5, CSS3 or Javascript. Regardless of the complexity of the projects, you can be sure I will always use the right technologies to get the best results.

Website Maintenance

- Migration, Update, Backup -

Website Maintenance

Creating a website is just the beginning. Each one requires permanent maintenance services, be it software upgrades, server migration, or backups.

6 Short Steps Towards Your

Brand New Website

  • 1. Discussion

    Every creative process starts with the first discussion, where I try to find out how can I help you.
  • 2. Planning

    Then follows the planning part, when we together determine what functionality you need for the website, which sections should I create, what are your priorities, and especially what is the delivery date.
  • 3. Design

    This is probably the longest stage of the whole process, because now we choose the site dimensions, colors, fonts and all the other nuts and bolts
  • 4. Coding

    This is where the magic happens! For me, the creative process actually takes place here, among hundreds of lines of code written and modified until I reach the desired result.
  • 5. Testing

    I finish coding, testing and re-testing, then we schedule a meeting where I proudly announce that —>
  • 6. Website is Ready!

    Use it to it’s full potential!
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București, România